Executive coaching for personal and business development

Coaching helps to develop leadership competencies, make the most important decisions, change habits and experience the best version of yourself.

The task of the coach is to support the client in the process of self-directed exploration, increasing client's awareness and potential, on personal path to achieving set goals.

A focused process for achieving goals:

  • Personal coaching
    Individual coaching is a result-focused process in which the client works with a question or topic that is important to him, such as professional development, setting and achieving personal goals and priorities, obtaining a life balance, etc.
  • Executive coaching
    Executive coaching promotes and strengthens the ability of senior managers to manage and lead an organization. Its purpose is to promote the client's professional performance and behavioral changes, thereby promoting individual and organizational success.
  • Enterprenureal coaching
    Enterpreneureal coaching is individual support for entrepreneurs, with the aim of increasing confidence in their abilities in the context of business and encouraging entrepreneurs to implement their strategic vision.
  • Team coaching
    Team coaching promotes team work, solving complex issues, the emergence of innovations and the ability to achieve team results. The coaching process involves self-directed collective engagement to achieve common goals.
Executive coach with experience in enterpereurship and management
I am an entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience in both the local and international business environment. On a daily basis, I lead a motivated team in the development and implementation of personnel management technologies. In my professional life, I combine my two biggest passions - people and technology.

In order to develop my competences as a leader and entrepreneur, I have learned business management, studied organizational psychology and came to coaching as the most effective way to achieve individual and team goals.

Coaching and the coaching approach, in my opinion, allow you to broaden your horizons and become aware of the available resources to make your dreams come true and build your life in the best possible way.

Ilārs Jurovs
Sales /Team management /Business Development at Trentini

There are moments in life when everything turns upside down, to gather yourself and find a way out, coaching comes to the rescue.

Juri, thank you for "opening my eyes" and making things clear, for peace. I am very glad that you heard me, understood me and got me out of my confusion. Your methods are working. That peace and clarity about what to do after your sessions…. excellent.

Thank you!

Zane Gemze

The sessions with Juri were always valuable in terms of content and method, the coach's prior preparation was noticeable, and homework was not left out, which facilitated the transfer from what was discussed in the session to everyday life, thus forcing the mind to work outside the session as well.

The importance of coaching can begin to be evaluated from the moment when you yourself understand and relate to defining the goal and drawing a road map. Juris respectfully and masterfully leads you through the labyrinths of thoughts created by the mind and patiently allows you to see what is apparently not visible. I especially want to praise the illustration of thoughts and feelings on the page, which not only visually allows you to see, but also helps to structure and recall what was done in previous sessions.

Liene Baltgaile
Team Manager at Zalaris

The questions asked made me think about how I lead and do things. So to speak - self-analyzing questions that I don't think about at all on a daily basis.

The easy collaboration and motivation to do something about it after each of our sessions alone was worth taking the course.

I still apply the methods that we learned with you, and I also tend to ask myself questions and analyze before doing something quite often.

I believe that you have a talent and a gift. Thank you for your help!

Irina Bausova
Director of Educational center of Management and Entrepreneurship at University of Latvia

I received coaching support at a time when the center was experiencing rapid growth, felt the need to catch a big wave in the ocean. With the coaching sessions, you helped me maintain balance and structure tasks in the process of exponential growth, remember about and rely on my strengths. I believe that the combination of your business knowledge, coaching skills and communication manner is a good reason to contact you directly for coaching. Thank you, Juris!

Kalvis Ceiziņš
Business Developer at Scandiweb

Undoubtedly, the most valuable was the prompting, correct questions, supplementing them with drawing sketches. These couple of seemingly simple things, and the professional approach, definitely helped me refocus on the truly important things in my life. It gave me the right impulse to review my priorities, to understand what is the most important here and now. Thank you.

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